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UCC Commits to Long-Term Flooding Recovery

Nearly three months after a bomb cyclone hit the central Midwest, communities in Iowa and Nebraska are still cleaning up and looking to move forward. The floodwaters not only destroyed homes, businesses, and farmland, but also infrastructure such as roads, … Continue reading

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The Discipline of ‘I Can’

“There’s a green one down there by your left knee,” a voice boomed from about 10 or 15 feet below. I craned my neck down to the left, seeing the toe hold I had previously missed and pushed myself a … Continue reading

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Our Common Life: Catchy Faith

Besides the lapping waves on the lake, the wind blowing through trees and the occasional bleating of goats, the retreat center was silent last Wednesday. This  odd, yet refreshing silence was not accidental. For five hours of the five-day initial … Continue reading

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Transforming Thoughts: Learning Leaders

One of the things I love about the yoga studio I attend is that the teachers are often practicing along with students. When they are not teaching a class (and even sometimes when they are), they humbly take the mat … Continue reading

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