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South Dakota Educational Scholarships

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The South Dakota Conference UCC values education, young people and those who answer a call to ministry at any age. To support all those who God calls to serve in many professions for the work of ministry, we offer scholarships each year to high school seniors, undergraduates, graduate students and seminarians. Educational programs that prepare people to answer their calling demand significant financial investment and we are delighted to offer scholarship money to high school seniors, undergraduate students, and seminarians active in their South Dakota UCC congregations as a promise of our care and commitment to their educational pursuits.

WHAT: Scholarships for educational expenses in South Dakota institutions for programs such as technical schools, colleges and universities, graduate programs and seminaries. Scholarships may also be available to applicants pursuing programs not offered in South Dakota institutions.

WHEN: March 15 Application Deadline (including all letters of reference)

WHO: High school seniors, undergraduates and seminarians who are active in South Dakota United Church of Christ congregations. Some special funds are earmarked for those who are entering into ministry as a second career and have the challenges of family, jobs and extra travel.

AMOUNT: Scholarship awards vary year to year.

HOW: 1.) Download either the undergraduate or seminarian application materials below. 2.) Complete and email your application with essay to sduccscholarships@gmail.com. 3.) Send the reference letter form to the people who will complete them for you. Have them email the completed reference letter to sduccscholarships@gmail.com by March 15. (Continue to remind them to complete them by the March 15 deadline or your application will not be considered.)

Questions? Email Karen Peters.

For Undergraduate Scholarships, please complete:

  • Application with essay
  • Teacher’s reference
  • Pastor’s reference
  • Transcript
Download Undergrad Application Forms


For Graduate/Seminary Scholarships, please complete:

  • Application with essay
  • Professor’s reference
  • Pastor’s reference
  • Transcript
Download Graduate Application Forms

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