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Church Search Resources

The staff of the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences, as well as the MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization) Team at the national United Church of Christ are ready to assist you while your church is searching for its next pastor. Conference staff helps your church leadership find interim pastors and determine its longer-term goals and leadership needs. Then they will train and coach your search committee to complete a local church profile. Finally, your search committee will evaluate candidates’ ministerial profiles, do interviews and eventually call a new pastor.
Rev. Darrell Goodwin, All Nebraska associations, Southwestern-IA, Central-IA, and Southeastern-IA associations
Rev. Samantha Houser, All South Dakota associations, Northwestern-IA, Northeast-IA, and Eastern Iowa-IA associations
Below are resources that you’ll need during every phase of the process:
Communications Tools
Seeking a New Pastor Poster (To show the congregation where you are in the search process.) 
Sample Letters to Congregation (In A Guide to Pastoral Search and Call)
Discernment & Search Committee
Creating Your Church Profile
A MissionInsite Report (You can create this by following the instruction on the linked page for your conference.)
11-year report – Email Karen Peters to get a copy of your church’s report. (The data comes from what your church has reported through annual UCC yearbook updates.)
Calling a New Pastor
Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Salary Guidelines

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