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Scholarship – Funding Future Leadership

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Dear members of the Iowa Conference,

It is expensive to train ordained clergy. The burden of paying for education has shifted from the denomination to the student, leaving many members in discernment and pastors deeply in debt. This isn’t a sustainable trend that will lead to a healthy future for the United Church of Christ.

The Iowa Conference hopes to alleviate some of this financial burden through scholarships for our Ministers in Discernment. A special offering, Funding Future Leadership: Scholarships for Ministry Preparation, will be taken January 21, 2018 to fund these scholarships. Aspiring leaders are taking big financial risks so they can serve the needs of the church, so we as a church are joining together to help them in their time of need.

In its first year (2017), the Funding Future Leadership offering raised a total of $8,507.64, and three scholarships were awarded to MIDs. This year, we’re hoping to break $10,000, and see an increase in the number of churches who participate in the offering. Last year 22 churches participated, which is 13% of the 168 churches in Iowa. We’re hoping to increase that to 20% participation, which would be 34 churches. We hope you and your congregation will join us this year, showing your support for our future leaders on Jan 21!

Other ways you can help:

1: Take the offering at your congregation on January 21st. If this date doesn’t work, pick an alternate that’s better. Everything you need will be provided! Materials will be available online and sent to churches mid-December. Materials include publicity posters, sample newsletter articles, cover letter explaining FFL, offering envelopes, and links to the FFL webpage with a video you can show in worship.

2: Let your MID’s know about the scholarship. 2018 Applications will be available online soon, and sent to each MID in February. Please let them know in advance and encourage them to apply.

3: Spread the word. Show the video! Let churches, pastors, and lay leaders know that this offering will be coming up. All the info for MIDs and Churches (and the video) is available online at http://www.ucciaconf.org/resources/scholarship-funding-future-leadership.

4: Have someone come speak about the offering. FFL committee members are happy to give a quick presentation at association functions, COM meetings, or other events. Just let us know.

Early donations before the January 21 offering are welcome, and all checks may be made out to the Iowa Conference (memo FFL). Online donations from Individuals and churches can be received at any time.

The oversight committee for the offering and scholarship are Chad Savage, Heidi Hulme, Katherine Mulhern, Molly Dowell Baum, and myself as chairperson. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by calling me at (218) 474-0202 or email at owens@osage.net.

This offering is key to having the skilled, competent leaders who will take our churches into the future.

Blessings to all,
The Rev. Charles Owens
Osage United Church of Christ


Funding Future Leadership – Program:      (watch for these documents in the near future)

Letter to the churches – explanation of materials
Letter to the churches – 2018 Deadline
Offering envelope template
Pew cards template
New remittance form (Paper copy of remittance form if your church chooses to mail a check to the Conference office.  Choose line “Funding Future Leadership” and include with your total amount of donations from your church.)
* Donate as an Individual (Electronic opportunity to donate…Scroll down to Funding Future Leadership; add donation amount)
* Donate as a Church (Electronic opportunity to donate…Scroll down to Funding Future Leadership; add donation amount)
Bulletin inserts
Sample newsletter article
8 1/2 x 11 flier
11 x 17 flier

Funding Future Leadership – Scholarship Process:

Letter to MIDs, Discernment Advisors
Application for MIDs
* Financial Worksheet for MIDs