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Funding Future Leadership

“While I was enrolled in Bethel Seminary, I began to wrestle with the conservative beliefs I had been brought up with and that I had focused on at Bethel. After two years of searching for my ‘place’ I found myself at the doors of a UCC church and knew this was where I belonged. I love the UCC focus on extravagant welcome and social justice, and that ‘God is still speaking’ and has more to say to us. I have so much appreciated the financial grant. It has helped me move forward in my calling.” – Torri Vande Zande, 2018 recipient


The Iowa Conference has initiated the Funding Future Leadership scholarship campaign to raise funds to offer scholarships to those who are preparing for authorized ministry. Church leaders who come out of seminary or other educational programs with less debt are better able to serve a wider variety of churches. A student today might be your pastor tomorrow!

Offering Date: Jan. 20, 2019
Giving Deadline: March 8, 2019

We have created a host of resources that will help you to promote this special offering in your church. We suggest the offering date of Jan. 20, 2019, but you may change it to another Sunday that works better for you. The giving deadline of March 8 enables us to give scholarships in a timely manner.

Video to Inspire Giving:

The oversight committee for the offering and scholarship are Chad Savage, Heidi Hulme, Molly Dowell Baum, and Charles Owens, chairperson. For questions or to request that one of them visit your church or leadership team, call Rev. Owens at (218) 474-0202 or owens@osage.net.

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