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Background Checks/Safe Church

The Iowa Conference UCC knows that relationships are the foundation of good youth ministry. To help support the growth of such relationships, the Iowa Conference Board of Directors developed a sexual abuse prevention policy that requires background checks and training for adults working with minors at conference events and programs.

Here’s all of what is required of adult chaperones and mentors BEFORE attending an event:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Complete a criminal background check (Clergy persons who have already completed a background check as part of their ministerial profile will not be required to do an additional background check within a year of its completion.)
  • Complete three 40-minute online sexual abuse prevention training modules.
  • Complete a check of their driving record (if transporting youth as part of the program).

Here are the expectations of appropriate supervision DURING events:

  • An adult should never be alone with a young person–either an additional adult or youth must be present.
  • There must be at least one adult for every six youth participating in an event.
  • Youth must have at least one chaperone of the same gender attending the event.

The conference policy assumes that churches will provide their own chaperones for these events in enough time to complete the training and background check. Conference staff encourage churches to work together to find the appropriate numbers of chaperones.

If you’re planning on participating in a conference youth event you can contact Jo Ordway in the conference office for more information about background checks and the online training. Please fill out the form for background check.