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Youth Steward Reference Form

This form will be automatically sent when a youth steward applicant submits his/her application. You can also complete this reference form here.


Your Email:

Local Church:

Your Role at the church:

Applicant Information

Applicant Name:

Applicant Email:

Years you've known the applicant:

How long has the applicant been attending your church? Describe their level of involvement and attendance.

How has the applicant grown in their faith since you’ve known them?

Describe the applicant’s ability to follow through on responsibilities they have accepted.

Is the applicant easily able to relate to people who are different from them and make them comfortable?

Please describe any other qualities, gifts or skills the applicant might have that could support their application.

After completion of your signature below and you have checked the box that states SEND, your reference for this youth steward applicant will be electronically sent to Associate Conference Minister Nicole Havelka. Thank you for supporting our Youth!


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