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Covenant Communities for Pastoral Excellence

Dear Clergy Colleagues in the Iowa Conference,

I frequently give thanks for the pastors of the Iowa Conference.  In times when ministry is challenging and sometimes unclear, you have responded to God’s call to leadership in Christ’s church.

If you’re anything like most clergy (and certainly like me in this respect), you sometimes wonder how best to exercise your call.  There are, of course, many sources of instruction and learning appropriate to the pastoral office, but high on any such list would be the powerful learning influence that peers – men and women who share a common calling – can have with each other.

Covenant Communities for Pastoral Excellence – CCPE – is precisely that sort of opportunity.  CCPE is a means by which clergy peers can teach each other and learn from each other in a setting of trust and accountability.

I hope you will read the brochure (below) carefully.  I trust you will prayerfully consider participation.  Please note that for the first time we hope to offer virtual groups – a group specifically for clergy who serve part-time, and a group for clergy in places far from one of the face-to-face groups.  You may also find additional information about CCPE on the conference website at www.ucciaconf.org.

Please let me or any one of the conference ACM’s know if you have additional questions or suggestions.

With Great Hope!

Rich Pleva
Iowa Conference Minister

  • Brochure– learn more about the program!
  • Description – development of groups/individuals.
  • Covenant – your committment to your group.

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