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Member in Discernment

When a member of a UCC congregation begins to feel called to ordained ministry, there is a formal discernment process that connects them both to the Local Church and the Wider Church. They work with both their Local Church and a Wider Church Committee dedicated to working with those in discernment. A member of a Local Church who is approved by an Association’s or Conference’s Committee on Ministry to enter a discernment relationship towards ordination is called a Member in Discernment (MID).

Someone is an MID until they approved for ordination, pending call. Ordained Ministers are authorized to serve and to lead on behalf of the UCC and the Church Universal, a ministry that encompasses the fullest range of leadership ministries: priestly and prophetic, representative and servant. They are called to embody the love of God for the world and to proclaim the good news on behalf of the Church, personally and publicly pointing the Church to its dependence on Jesus Christ, the source of its faith, mission, and unity.

The policies and practices for each MID are specific to each association and/or conference.  Click on the documents specific to your conference and association below to learn more about the MID process and to access necessary documents throughout the process.

Iowa Conference

Conference Committee for Authorized Ministry
  • Serving the Central, Eastern, Northwestern, Southeastern, and Southwestern Associations
Northeast Committee for Authorized Ministry
  • Serving the Northeastern Association

Nebraska Conference

Heartland Association Church and Ministry Committee


Living Waters Association Church and Ministry Committee


Prairie Association Team for Authorized Ministry


South Dakota Conference

South Dakota Committee on Ministry
  • Serving the Black Hills, Oahe, Prairie Lake, and Two Rivers Associations
Dakota Association Committee on Ministry

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