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The ministries of the United Church of Christ in the Iowa Conference are entirely supported by generous donations from churches and individuals who share our vision of commitment to the teachings of Christ.  We aim to be a community of churches who listen for the Still Speaking God and in humility and confidence bear witness to what we hear in acts of kindness, justice, love and welcome.  We understand that God desires peace and we work for peace so that all God’s children (younger or older!) may live and grow in safety, equality and joy.  It is particularly our purpose in the Iowa Conference to build leadership capacity in our congregations so that these values may be expressed in ways compelling and winsome.  Your financial support would be profoundly appreciated and used faithfully to advance the causes of Christ to which we have been called.

You may designate a gift to be used for the basic support of our work, or you may designate a contribution for a specific purpose. We have added an easy and quick way to make your payments by electronic checking, transfer from savings accounts, or by debit or credit cards. On the drop down menu are the Electronic Giving choices for both churches and individuals. When you choose either of these, it will take you directly to the eGiving screen with the fund choices. Or if your preference is sending paper checks, the printable Remittance Form continues to be on the drop-down menu. Plus, if you wish to create a legacy for UCC, you can learn more about the bequests, gift annuities, trusts, and other choices on the Legacy drop-down. Feel free to contact our Conference office at 515.277.6369 with questions.

Thank you for your support!

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