Recalculations for Christmas

“Recalculating” may be the word you hear from your GPS tool when you deviate from the recommended route. I invite each of us to opportunities for “recalculating” the route that takes us to or from the worship services of Christmas this year, opportunities to bear witness to the hope, peace, joy, and love that pour from the sacred stories of our Savior’s birth.  Maybe you’ll choose one of these little holy detours.  Maybe these few notes will inspire you to discover a little holy detour of your own.  Be in touch after Christmas to share your detour story.  We’d love to hear them.

  • If your neighborhood convenience store is open when you’re on your Christmas worship route, pulljonna recharge prayer flipped-resized over and stop in for a minute. Share a “Merry Christmas” and a “God bless you” and a “thank you” with those who are there to offer gas and a bit of food and drink … and some unusual gifts…for Christmas travelers.
  • If your route to worship takes you past a care center or a hospital or an urgent care clinic or a drug store, pull over and stop in for a minute with your greeting and blessing and words of thanks with someone who’s at work as a vessel of God’s healing gifts while others worship and feast.
  • If your route takes you past your local law enforcement center, pull in for a minute to offer your greeting and blessing and thanks to those who are serving and protecting on a particularly buy arimidex online steroids challenging night for law enforcement.
  • If your route takes you past a bar that’s open on Christmas Eve, stop in for a minute and give the bartender your warm greeting and blessing. These are some challenging shifts for bartending, too. Stay for a drink if you will (soda’s fine). Buy a round for some folk you might not know. It’s a gospelly thing to do.
  • If your route takes you past a grocery store that’s still open, stop in for a minute and share your greeting and blessing and thanks with a checker or a stocker or someone still at the meat counter for all they’ve done to make so many feasts possible.
  • If there is a shelter in your community where those without homes are staying on Christmas Eve, drive out of your way to stop in. Listen for your GPS tool to announce the recalculation and shout back, “Amen! Recalculating! Boldly following Jesus!” Bring an offering (something warm, something yummy, a contribution to the host organization). Share your best Christmas blessing. Thank those who are doing the holy work of welcoming on the night we tell the story of our traveling God-with-us, laid in a manger because there was no room …

Awe and wonder await as we add some holy recalculating and bold Jesus following to our cozy Christmas customs.
May God-light guide your detours. May those you meet hear angel songs in your tender words.  May you meet Christ somewhere along your Christmas roadsides.
Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister



3 Responses to Recalculations for Christmas

  1. Gloria Vermie says:

    Thank you Jonna!
    I will share this with other members of th Mitchellville UCC

    Joy & love

  2. Charlotte White says:

    WOW Jonna! What a wonderful way for us to share the Holy travelers’ journey by doing some holy some ourselves. And why not continue it throughout the year. We can be holy vessels throughout the year remembering we ourselves have a sacred walk always because of that night.

    May you be blessed as we have, Char

  3. Mark Wampler says:

    Jonna, what a great list!

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