The beginning HOPE

Advent means beginning. The first Sunday of Advent is the beginning of our church calendar each year. It marks the beginning of God’s Rev. Stevensnew way of being in our world in the infant Christ. I love that Advent, the beginning, is a season of preparation. The beginning is not the day of Jesus’ arrival. The beginning is all the planning, praying, worrying, and wondering leading up to that arrival. For me, this is where the hope lives. I love the beginning of projects, when the plans are drawn and materials are collected together. I love the great ideas that are just barely real enough to be explained and described, but not yet tangible enough to touch and hold. They haven’t tarnished from exposure yet. Realities of limits to resources and laws of physics buy diflucan online cheap haven’t been given reign. Pure unbridled hope and awe live in the possibilities and the plans, in the beginning.


Our human stories have beginnings, middles and ends. We typically order our lived experience in linear ways, moving in one direction through time. But God’s time is eternal, without the same limits as our time. In God’s time, the beginnings are also mixed in with the middles and the ends.


Here we are again, in the beginning, in the season of Advent. Regardless of where we are in our own stories, we are invited into God’s story. We are invited to revel in the beginning, where the hope lives.


God reminds us, that in the beginning, God created, and saw that it was good.


Advent Blessings,

Brigit Stevens, Associate Conference Minister

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