You are invited – pray with us

Dear Friends,
We all know that Jesus was a person of action – he healed the sick, raised the dead, overturned tables at the temple – but clearly he was sustained for action by prayer.  Over and over again we are reminded that Jesus would withdraw from public work and relationships to pray.  It seems clear that prayer was not merely a matter of piety for Jesus, it comprised the foundation for every aspect of his ministry and work.richreading 20130502


We in the UCC are not members of a religious tradition instinctively inclined to prayer – we are more inclined to action.  I’m sure we can all agree, however, that the horrific events of this past Sunday morning at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, demand prayer.


To that end, the staff of the Iowa Conference invites you to prayer.  Our suggestion is that you pray during the same hours that the tragedy unfolded – 2 am to 6 am – and precisely a week later; early Sunday morning, June 19.


To assist you, you will find simple prompts for prayer buy glucophage canada posted at the Conference Facebook page at 30 minutes intervals during that time period.  If you are so moved, you are invited to post your own prayers, thoughts and observations at that time.  Even so, we do not imagine this to be a human conversation, but one between humans and God, so we are not suggesting or anticipating dialogue so much as thoughtfulness, mindfulness and reflection.


Many of us are not accustomed to lengthy periods of prayer nor are many of us accustomed to being awake at the suggested hours.  Nonetheless, you may find it meaningful and growth-inspiring to enter into this suggested discipline as an experiment.  Even if you do not choose to pray at the suggested time, the prompts to prayer and the reflections of others will remain posted if you choose to pray later in the day or later in the week.


But please….do pray.  Let us humble ourselves to the end that God might heal our land….perhaps even use us as instruments of healing and peace.


Rich Pleva
Conference Minister

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