Time to know YOU

Time seems to be the resounding theme of the season. Time to put away the Christmas decorations, time to get the kids back into their school routine and schedule, time to reflect on how you’ll live into Christmas even though the season is over, time to discern for yourself and possibly your family how you’ll change during this next year.  Time to get things done, or started, or reinitiated. Time to lift your voice, time to take a stand, time to….well you get the point.


Most people right now have taken time or are trying to find the time to make New Year’s resolutions, trying to figure out how they can work towards becoming the very best version of themselves this year. Many folks out there might be carving out time to sit down and reflect on what their resolution will be-excited for the chance to make a plan and put it into action.  Even more folks, I’d imagine are having doubts about how they will maintain the changes they are wishing to make.


houserWell, I’m not a big resolution kind of girl. Like many others I like the idea of New Year’s resolutions, but it’s hard to take them too seriously because we know from experience that our resolve doesn’t always last terribly long into the New Year. Most often that resolve is linked to the doubt that I mentioned earlier.


Here’s the thing though, sometimes we need doubt. Doubt can keep us safe in a dangerous purchase clomiphene overnight cod situation, doubt can lead to epiphany moments when we question things that we’ve been doing or thinking or believing ‘just because’, doubt can help…sometimes.


But sometimes we need to doubt our doubt.


Life coach Brooke Castillo says, “Self doubts are thoughts that don’t support us in our capabilities. Our ability to grow is our ability to move beyond doubtful thinking.”


So this year instead of a resolution I purpose that we take time to honestly evaluate our habitual thought patterns and ways of being in the world. Not in a judging, you should be different, kind of way…but in a notice how you act, feel and think kind of way, with kindness and compassion for yourself.


It’s startling how distant, indifferent, and distracted we are when it comes to what is really going on with us.  But it’s important to take the time to get into our own heads, to get into our own hearts and minds and very beings so that we might truly know ourselves.  The real truth of who we are beyond the expectations and the impressions that we allow others to place on us.


It’s only then, once we have taken the time to truly know ourselves, that we are more fully open to knowing that which created us and guides us.


May you find the time, no, intentionally create the time it takes to know you this New Year so that you might know God that much more.


Pastor Samantha Houser

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