Love leads to Hope

Last week we shared with you the letter of solidarity and support the Iowa Conference staff sent to our Iowa Muslim brothers and sisters. If you missed it, you may find it at this link


It is a time to stand up and add our voices on the side of love and neighbors. It is a time to respond to the shouts of fear and hate with words of support and care. I wish we didn’t have to. I wish that it was the norm of our culture to look to our left and to our right and to celebrate the beautiful diversity God has created around us and the wide variety of ways of loving and worshipping among us. But alas, that is not this time. In this time, when a letter that says, “We stand alongside you, fellow Iowans of faith, in dismay over displays of hatred and bigotry and in great hope for love and friendship to reign,” ativan online is    received, it prompts heartbreaking responses. The Conference office received a lovely potted plant and a letter of thanks from New Horizons Academy-the Islamic School of Des Moines for our very simple letter of friendship and support.


We also received a personal note of thanks that included a terrible and troubling story about a Muslim woman who was recently physically harassed while loading groceries into her car.  She found great hope in our letter. 
As we are just a week away from gathering around the manger to gaze in awe at the Infant Christ again, remembering the profound hope of that tiny babe, I hear the words of our Muslim sister, “…that gives me hope.” As Christians, we are people of hope, reckless and unbounded hope! I am proud to share that hope around the state of Iowa with folks who desperately need to hear it.
Hope-filled Advent Blessings, 
Brigit Stevens, Associate Conference Minister


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