Loving our Neighbors

Dear Friends,

I encourage you to find your closest mosque or Islamic center and call, write, or email them with words of encouragement and support today. As my friend and colleague Rev. Emily Heath wrote on her Facebook page yesterday, “Introduce yourself and put that love of neighbors stuff to work.”

Our Conference staff wrote a letter together and mailed it yesterday to the Muslim communities of faith here in Iowa, you can read it below for ideas on what you might say in yours. As we are in the Advent season of the beginning of our story, waiting for the light of the Christ child to appear in the darkness, we have an opportunity to be that light in the corners that are darkest around us today.  The letter is being sent to many newspaper editors around the state.  If you see it in your local papers, please email us or call us to let us know.  Thank you.


Affirming with my Muslim brothers and sister, God is indeed greater,

Brigit Stevens, Associate Conference Minister


Click here to obtain the PDF copy of the letter – Reaching out to Muslim community letter 2015 12 10

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