Yell more?

There’s a beer advertisement that starts out….”I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer….”


(No free marketing here!)


In that same spirit, “I don’t yell very often.  But when I do, there’s a reason.”


Yelling, of course, is an attention grabbing device.  It communicates fear, or joy, or pain, or excitement.  It arrests attention.  It demands an hands up podium


Is yelling typically nuanced and careful and precise?  It is not.  There are other times and places when nuance and precision are needed, but in the midst of passion, we yell.


So….is there anything about your faith that might call for yelling?  I sometimes fear that in our churches and among our people we can barely muster a whisper about that which we believe.  And sometimes I’ve been guilty of that myself.


So maybe we need to yell a bit more.  Perhaps not all the time and probably not in every place, but certainly once and a while and certainly in places where we’ve mostly been silent.


The Iowa Conference is participating in a new UCC identity campaign.  You might call it “God is Still Speaking 2.0.”  It’s a yelling campaign.  Here’s an example:

science religious


This poster is subtitled:  Ignoring climate change and scientific buy cheap cialis evidence could have catastrophic consequences. Which makes it both unwise and inhumane.


Long ago, as an undergraduate, I majored in Chemistry and Biology.  I DO believe in science!  Not as something existing in a different realm from my faith, but as one aspect of the assertion that “all truth is God’s truth.”   This poster isn’t a carefully reasoned exposition of the relationship between science and faith.  It’s a catchy slogan meant to catch the reader short and provoke a pause – a questioning pause – a pause in which presumptions about the supposed inherent antipathy between faith and science might be questioned.  It’s the visual equivalent to yelling.


God is Still Speaking 2.0 isn’t a program of careful theological and exegetical nuance.  Still Speaking 2.0 is an edgy, billboard-ish program meant to arrest attention and create a pause – a pause which your church might use to initiate a serious conversation about God and faith and the Bible…about justice and what it means to be human.


I hope you’ll use these tools.  I’ll be interested to hear how it goes!


After all….God IS still speaking!  I wonder what she’s saying today!?!


Rich Pleva
Conference Minister
The UCC in Iowa

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  1. Ryan Dowell Baum says:

    Sounds great, Rich! Pray tell, where/how do we access these tools?

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