What do people think as they drive by your church building?

At Edwards Congregational UCC in Davenport, church leaders were concerned that their street presence amounted to nada.  Their building is set back from Jersey Ridge Road, and even though it’s a busy street, the physical distance and unremarkable front façade probably left most folk with no impression at all.


The people of Edwards Church weren’t content with that situation.  As the ministry of the congregation has flourished in recent years under the leadership of Pastor Katherine Mulhern, it became clear that there existed a consensus to do a better job in putting their best foot forward – even in matters so seemingly mundane as the physical appearance of their building!


To make a longer story short, a building buy arimidex in india plan was devised and the people of the church rallied to that plan.  Pledges were solicited and received to fully underwrite a $1.2 million dollar addition – one that will drastically alter the front of the church building.


On Sunday it was my privilege to participate in a ground breaking for that new addition.  It was a day of inter-generational celebration.  I was thrilled to have a small part in the day.


But here’s the main point – there’s LIFE at Edward’s UCC, and to best hold and advance that life, new tools were needed.  New buildings don’t cause life, they are the result of life.  Praise God for living and lively churches!

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