Coming to the Big Screens (and the little screens) of the Iowa Conference

I’m the member of our Iowa Conference staff known to strongly prefer pen to keyboard. I have a deserved reputation for greeting each new technology upgrade with enthusiasm usually reserved for freezing rain or bad rashes.  So, what a wonder and a delight it is to have the honor of introducing a splendid technology upgrade for all the congregations of the Iowa Conference!


Posted on the Iowa Conference website ( are the first of what will be a library of workshops and trainings for congregations in video format.  You may view them in two different locations on the website – under the Resources button and under Opportunities/Search and Call Support.

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Boards and committees in your congregation can meet, view these videos, and then connect with a member of the Conference staff for questions and conversation.  Because the videos remain on our website, they can be viewed again and again to review and refresh learnings.  We’ve begun with videos about the search and call process.  Previews of coming attractions include video training for evaluating your congregation’s ministries, a video for Pastor Parish Relations Committees and a video for Discernment Committees supporting persons hearing a call to authorized ministry in and for the UCC.  Everyone in our congregations with access to a computer will be able to watch these videos and learn more about their congregations’ ministries.


Of course our ministries as members of the Iowa Conference staff will continue to include travels to our congregations, including some travels to offer educational opportunities not yet in video format.  We’re convinced (even this pen lover!) that having a library of often-used workshops available on our website will make these educational cialis tadalafil buy online resources more easily available to all members of our congregations and also help us be better stewards of Conference automobiles and staff time behind their wheels.


The first videos posted include a workshop I present for congregations to give all members some basic information about the pastoral search and call process in the Iowa Conference.  Also posted are three videos that together form the second training session that I provide for Search Committees in the Iowa Conference.  You certainly don’t need to be a member of a Search Committee to watch these videos and learn more about the holy work of our Search Committees.  Where are the videos of the first training session for Search Committees?  They’ll be coming later in 2016, once the new format for local church profiles is released for use from the Ministerial Excellence, Support, and Authorization (MESA) Team in the national setting of the UCC.


We are profoundly grateful to Rev. Laura Arnold, pastor of Congregational UCC in Decorah and an adjunct member of the Iowa Conference staff, for creating these videos and taking the educational and resource ministries of the Iowa Conference to the next level.  If you find these first videos clear, helpful, and user-friendly, you have Laura to thank.  Her gifts for creating videos are amazing…especially to this pen-lover who created her first movie in first grade with a roll of butcher paper, a bucket of crayons, a big box with a hole in the front for the “screen”, and two big dowels to advance or rewind the show!


Praising the Holy Spirit, constantly upgrading us all!
Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister

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