Stormy Toes

When our son was a little boy, he called the joint pain he experienced with weather changes “stormy toes”. Maybe you, too, have some physical symptoms that signal a jonna recharge prayerchange in weather.


Beloved, it is our gift to be following Jesus during a time when the Church is changing. Not redecorating.  Reforming.  Many of us won’t live to see the Church fully in its new form.  We will live out our earthly days following Jesus with stormy toes.


The toes of our congregation will feel stormy, too.  Certainly the toes of denominational structures (like our Associations, Conferences, and national setting) are stormy.  How does a disciple or a congregation or a denomination or a Church feel stormy toes?  With restlessness.  With frustration when familiar ways aren’t working like they used to.  With worry over how the Church will live on.  With blaming, as if this next Reformation is someone’s fault.   Especially if you are employed in a church setting, with sorting through stacks of sample answers to the question, “What’s coming next?”  With grief over buy antibiotics new york what is lost.  With longing for that which was familiar and dear but no longer is.


This Sunday, many of our congregations will celebrate Reformation, as Reformation Day comes on October 31st.  I invite you to join me in a prayer practice as we get ready to worship this Sunday.  Let’s rub a little lotion on our feet or hands, whether our joints are actually feeling stormy or not.  As our skin softens, let’s breathe and pray the gifts of dancing Reformation feet and clapping Reformation hands:  wonder…trust…hope…faith…assurance…resurrection.


Do you sing on the way to worship? Maybe you’ll raise a verse or two of “A Mighty Fortress” on your way to worship this Sunday.  But let’s sing a bit of “In the Bulb There is a Flower”, too.  We know it as an Easter hymn, but this is bulb planting time.  And a week for singing resurrection as our Church finds new a new form…one that God alone can see.


Thanking God for what is yet to be…sometimes with stormy toes,
Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister

2 Responses to Stormy Toes

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Jonna,
    Very interesting way of looking at the changes in the church! Thanks so much for food for thought! I will not apply lotion in quite the same way again.

  2. Karen Manning says:

    Thank you, neighbor Jonna, for these helpful words. However, you left out the complex emotions involved with trying to “see through a glass, darkly” and yearning to see the outlines of the transformed church.

    Thank you especially for the reminder about planting bulbs as the grass and annual flowers are dying, with firm hope in the wonder of Spring.

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