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My ministry supporting the congregations of the Iowa Conference in the holy work of seeking pastoral leadership is, just like your ministries as pastors, lay leaders, and volunteers serving in Iowa Conference congregations, a spicy blend of delights and dilemmas.


The search and call process in the United Church of Christ works well for our congregations seeking full time pastoral leadership and when the congregation is meeting or exceeding Iowa Conference compensation guidelines for pastors. The search and call process in the UCC does not work well when a congregation is seeking part-time pastoral leadership or when a congregation chooses to offer pastoral compensation that falls below our guidelines. While we have been blessed to welcome some wonderfully gifted pastors to part-time ministry in the Iowa Conference, it’s also honest to say that these searches are largely difficult and more than a little frustrating.jonna recharge prayer


In my annual report to the Iowa Conference and in the preaching and teaching I do in the coming months, I look forward to drawing us more deeply into conversations about part-time ministries. Today brings the first attempt at just one way we may be able to connect congregations with gifted pastors seeking opportunities for part-time ministry! From time to time, I’ll be using my turns at writing for E-News to spread the word about a congregation seeking a part-time pastor. It’s my delight to introduce you to Congregational United Church of Christ in Humboldt!


Congregational UCC in Humboldt is seeking an ordained minister to serve on a part-time basis. Humboldt is a vibrant community in north central Iowa with a variety of recreational and employment opportunities in the area. Committed lay leaders are ready to step forward to partner with their new pastor in ministry. The congregation describes itself as resilient, friendly, accepting of differences, and grateful not only for gifted leaders and volunteers but also for strong musical talents among the congregation’s members. Community involvement is a core value for the congregation, whose members hope to welcome a new pastor who divides hours of ministry between office and community, caring for the congregation’s 200 members and also visible and involved beyond the church’s walls. The total compensation package offered (salary, benefits, housing) is $43,000.


If you are open to beginning a conversation with the Search Committee at Congregational UCC in Humboldt, or have questions about this opportunity, please contact me by email. If you know a pastor who might be open to exploring this opportunity, please do forward this article and encourage the pastor to contact me directly for more information.


Come, Holy Spirit!
Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister

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