Recharge your soul

Today let’s talk about recharge.  I’ve been excited to read the e-news articles that have already come out for the Recharge event happening this June because to read and hear about all the amazing-ness that will be coming together at this one event has been inspirational!



The Iowa Conference’s annual Recharge event is meant to be a time to recharge your spirit, re-invigorate your relationships with other church folk from around the conference; re-envision your church and yourself within it.  All that within a two day stretch jam packed with workshops that cover a smattering of topics, worship that enlivens and enriches, and fellowship time whenever you need to just bounce some of the awesome ideas you’ve just started pondering off of somebody else who is also having new and insightful thoughts and ideas!


Here’s the thing though…this shouldn’t be just a onetime event!  Sure the Recharge event that the Iowa Conference puts on is good once a year (for financial and programmatic reasons) but the recharge that happens to us at events such as this, is something that is often taken for granted.


Our soul doesn’t ask for much attention directly. It’s just that ‘thing’ in the background, valtrex get you high enabling many of the things we do and see and orchestrating most of what we experience.  But because it does so much with so little complaining (I’m thinking about overworked muscles and joints in our bodies aching for days when they get worked out too much)…it needs a check-up from time to time. A moment to relax, restart and cleanse out what is getting in the way.


But if you are anything like me then you know what I mean when I say that we are so used to focusing on our physical body that we can easily forget it is attached to our soul. And that this soul of ours is the true foundation of all we do. And it is asking us to take it seriously. Right now. So I ask, ‘What can you do now to restore the connection with your soul?’


Whatever comes to mind first is what will benefit you most. If you couldn’t come up with anything on your own, then try coming to Recharge this year to see if that is just what your spirit needs…



Samantha Houser, Iowa Conference Program Support/Adjunct Youth Ministry

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