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Summer planning is underway as we crawl out from hibernation.laura recharge

And from one Iowan to another, I hope that your summer includes being at Recharge this June 5-6.

Never been?  Come on!

Haven’t been in a bit?  It’s totally worth it!

Came last year?  Come back and bring a team to join in!

 Not yet convinced?  Well, here’s the top ten reasons why our church will have a team attending again this year and why you should too!


10.  It increased congregational stewardship.  Continuing months afterwards, the workshops led our leadership to rethink – 1) how to talk about stewardship, and 2) the spiritual discipline of being a church with a mission worth investing in.


9.  It strengthened our intergenerational ministry.  Over conversations at lunch and in workshops, tidbits of wisdom were shared with us that helped us articulate why intergenerational ministry is important and how to make it a vibrant part of our ministry.


8.  We laughed so hard we were in tears. Perhaps you know that Rev. Jonna (Jensen) was once a comedian, but it’s no wonder that she facilitates gatherings so full of laughter and joy that nearby workshops wonder what is going on.


7.  It fostered community among those who are discerning a call to ministry.  Some folks joined in conversation about theological education, some gathered around tables to ask about life as a pastor and the others about ordination, but all learned of the support in community.  Are you discerning a call to ministry?


6.  It renewed our spirits.  Folks opting in to experience writing as a spiritual discipline would later speak the truth, “We, as people, are like batteries, and it’s buy singulair online uk easy to get rundown if there isn’t some time to process it.”  The time to write and pray was a source of renewing our energy.


5.  It connected us to other UCC folks in our area.  Enough said! This conference is filled with amazing people and churches!


4.  It strengthened and encouraged us to be a church that speaks (and listens) for justice. We again heard God is still speaking voice as Krista Tippett challenged us to be churches that cultivate conversations for the transformation of our world.   Though she will not be with us this year, her words of wisdom are sure to be present among us in the voices of others.


3.  It empowered our lay leaders.  Teaching them about best practices for work on church councils, pastor parish relations committee, and stewardship, each of our areas of ministry walked away feeling more confident in their ability to serve (and our meetings are way more fun now!)


2.  This year Shane Claiborne is speaking. As a guy who has actually bent swords into plowshares (okay, they were AK-47s that were turned into gardening tools), I suspect he will challenge and inspire us to live the gospel in ways we will never forget.


1.  This year Recharge will be epic. With the great folks of the Iowa Conference; with workshops on music, narrative lectionary, faith formation, practical tactical church stuff, leadership development, and more; with faithful and spirited worship; with opportunities to gather for meals and communion, this is an opportunity no one should miss.

See you June 5-6 in Ames,
—Rev. Laura Arnold, Pastor at Decorah Congregational UCC

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