Live Easter – fully

For the followers of Jesus, each Sunday is Easter.


For some years, the last words in each worship service spoken by my congregation were these, adapted from Desmond Tutu’s An African Prayer Book:

Goodness is stronger than evil;

Love is stronger than hate;

Light is stronger than darkness;

Life is stronger than death;

Victory is ours, victory is ours

Through God who loves us.


On any given Easter, whether the annual one or the weekly ones, there were saints in the sanctuary for whom evil was stronger.  For whom hate was jonna recharge prayerstronger.  There were always saints in the sanctuary who were walking in darkness and in the shadow of death.  Sometimes, it was in this pastor’s soul that evil, hate, darkness, death were ahead on points. For certain, not every saint could recite every word every Sunday.  For certain, there were saints standing in silence. Standing in tears.  For certain, we took our turns at choking over one line or another.


Easter after Easter, Sunday after Sunday, these were the last words of the congregation before the start of a new week of bold Jesus following.  Surrounding the scattered silence, tears, and choking, the voice of the congregation proclaimed Easter faith that was both ours and not entirely ours:




In our sanctuaries this Easter, we will raise an ancient affirmation:  Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed!  Alleluia!  It is our witness that goodness is stronger even if we stand in evil days.  It is our witness that love is stronger even if we are hated.  Or hating.  It is our witness that light is stronger even if we cannot discern the way forward.  It is our witness that life is stronger, even when the evidence is far from overwhelming.  It is our witness that victory is God’s.  And ours, loved by God.


Beloved bold Jesus followers, this is the witness of our words and of our decisions.  We decide daily (and hourly and sometimes even moment by moment) toward Easter.  We decide toward good actions with more risk than reward.  We decide to love ones who are irresistible and ones who are very resistible. We decide to shine, even if with a single candle in an overwhelming darkness.  We decide to live Easter-fully.  We decide toward the wellbeing of each one who can experience God’s love through us.


Christ is risen.  Christ is risen indeed.  Alleluia!
Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister

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