Welcome, Spring

UPDATED jonna svenAnd now we, the winter-weary, road salt-stained, chapped, pale, sweet garden tomato yearning bold followers of Jesus welcome Spring – which we are calling by its old Middle English name:  Lent.


We trudge or slide into a season of sprouting, of recalibrating, of reforming and refreshing, both as individual disciples and as congregations.


Dear bold Jesus followers, the seasons of the liturgical year can also be seasons of the human heart and mind.  If this is Lent for you, if this is Lent for your congregation, I pray it may be a season of wonder-full renewal.  If it isn’t Lent in your heart and mind, or in the hearts and minds of your congregation, I pray you may be sustained by sweet memory and by sweet hope.  Memory of blessed course corrections and restorations in other seasons.  Hope for the next surprises.  God will be there.


Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister

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