Time for Three Chapters?

We are people of the Word and followers of the Word made flesh.  We are inheritors of a history that highly values education; that highly values learning ministers and learning laity who are continually curious about and continually shaped by the Word.  We gather as congregations each week to study the Word, to hear the Word read and preached and sung as we worship God.  We are lifelong lovers and learners of the Word.

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We are inheritors of traditions of immersion in the Word week by week, day by day and even hour by hour.  If we are people of the Word and followers of the Word made flesh, best we be generous with the hours we give to reading, learning, praying, and singing that Word.


We followers of the Word made flesh find different ways to immerse ourselves in the Word throughout our days and weeks.  How is it for you?


Sometimes, our pastors let us know what portions of the Word we will meet during our next worship service so that we can begin reading, learning, praying, and singing them in preparation for worship.  Some of us carry the Word home with us following worship, maybe with a few scribbled notes from our pastor’s sermon, and spend the days following worship reading, learning, praying, and singing the Word we received.  How do Sunday’s buy fioricet online overnight delivery readings stir through your week of reading, learning, praying and singing the Word?


Many of us keep patterns of daily prayer that include rhythms of Word.  Quite a few of us in the Iowa Conference take up Common Prayer:  A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals in our daily prayer and are nourished by each day’s offerings of Word.  (Shane Claiborne, one of the gatherers of Common Prayer, will be our guest at Recharge this coming June 5-6 at Iowa State University in Ames.)  Earlier this month, the day’s page from Common Prayer included a note that Mohandas Gandhi long kept a daily practice of reading from the Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7 in Matthew’s Gospel).


This feels very much like a time for daily reading from the Sermon on the Mount, dear bold followers of the Word made flesh.  I look forward to your emails and notes and to meeting you in the coming weeks’ travels; to hearing what words within those three chapters of Word are changing your mind, changing your heart, and changing what you choose.


                                    Thankful alongside you for three chapters of Word.
Again and again and again.
Looking forward alongside you to the changes they will stir.

Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister

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