I can’t wait!


I can’t wait to SEE you! To SHAKE YOUR HAND, maybe even share a HUG!

You’re going to be there, right??


At the Conference Annual Meeting!!


Church meetings are not on the top of everyone’s list of things to spend a Saturday doing…but I am LOOKING FORWARD to doing just that, this Saturday! With all of you! You’re going to be there, right??


One of the real gifts of the Church is the way that we are in community with one another. We live in a day and a time when we can quite easily lie to ourselves and each other that we don’t need one another. We have all that we need for ourselves and our families. I can get into my car in the morning, which is parked inside the attached garage, and drive to work without even seeing a neighbor, much less talking to them or offering them a cup of sugar for their baking project today. Next, I do my job throughout the day and then get in my car, can you buy generic cymbalta drive to my home, park in the garage, and close the door without really connecting with another human being from my neighborhood or community.Brigit


But I need my neighbors and community. I need people who have different experiences and opinions than my own. I need support and encouragement from outside of myself. I need to be supportive and encouraging to others. I need my neighbors and my community to fully be the human being that God created me to be. I need YOU! And I think you might need me too!


So, I hope to see you on SATURDAY!

52nd Annual Meeting
9:00am registration
9:00am-10:30am MarketPlace and coffee while visiting with your old friends AND making new friends in the Iowa Conference
10:30am worship
First Christian Church, 2500 University Ave, Des Moines, IA (FREE parking in church lot and on streets in Drake area)

—Rev Brigit F. Stevens, Associate Conference Minister

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  1. Bill Kersting & Emily Waund says:

    First time attendees! We’re from the United Church of Primghar. Looking forward to your hospitality, Rev Brigit! Blessings!

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