Find holiness in the holiday

jonna recharge prayer flipped-resizedOccasions to follow Jesus more boldly can be found when holidays become holy days. How is the Spirit stirring in your life and in the life of your congregation to find holiness in the holiday of Labor Day?


We might find holiness in the holiday by taking time to be mindful of ways we take our faith to work with us, of ways we can make our work an even more vibrant expression of our faith, of ways others might see Christ in us at work. It might be in our commitment to work excellently, to make our work an offering to God. It might be in treating co-workers, clients, customers, all those we meet in our daily work with the most Christ-honoring love we can express in our daily words and actions.


We might find holiness in the holiday by taking time to be mindful of the choices we can make to bring blessing to others who labor. It may not be possible for us to understand all the ways our choices impact the labors of others, but each of us can take a closer look at a few of our choices, learn more about the workers cheap xenical nz whose labors bring a product or service to us, and seek to choose in ways that best express what we believe.


We might find holiness in the holiday by renewing our efforts to connect with and thank those around us whose labors are blessings to us, to say out loud or write out loud respectful words of gratitude to our teachers, our health care providers, our care-takers, our repairers, our clerks, our attorneys, our storekeepers, those who grow, make, and serve our food, those we meet at the bank or the convenience store, those who work in and for our congregations…what a long list we can build, what a delightful trail of gratitude!


We might find holiness in the holiday by celebrating the ways our congregations are seeking to boldly follow Jesus in their work and witness. Check out the Labor Day message on the UCC website. The message includes recognition of Faith UCC in Iowa City as one of the newest participants in the UCC Economic Justice Covenant Program:


Share your own story, if you’d like, of a way you find holiness in the holiday!


With prayers for a blessed Labor Day,

Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister


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  1. Bill Lovin says:

    Hi Jonna–
    Thanks for the Labor Day post. As an old union stalwart, I love preaching on Labor Day weekend. In my sermon on Sunday,, I spoke about the support Congregational UCC has given to the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa for their work to combat wage theft in the Iowa City area.

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