Who, and whose, we are

My kids, just shy of 4 & 5 years old, have been reveling in the warmer temps and longer hours of sunshine these past few weeks! As we pull up to our driveway at the end of our short commute from daycare each evening, they crane their necks to see which of their neighborhood friends are outside playing already. They need reminding each day to first bring their backpacks inside, secondly, to take a bathroom break, and then thirdly, there is further reminding of our rules about playing with the neighbors, before they are allowed to run off down the sidewalk to their friends. They are just beginning this adventure of playing in other people’s yards, sometimes in their homes, and out of the line of sight of Mom or Dad. They need reminding, every day, that even though we’re not there with them, we have expectations and rules that need to be followed.


They are also learning that the rules of our home don’t always match the rules of other people’s homes. And that their attempts at negotiating ways around our rules that begin with something like, “But, Charlie’s mom said…” don’t usually yield their desired response. Because the usual response goes something like, “Yes, but I’m YOUR mom, and in OUR family, we have flomax buy THESE rules.”


They are learning who, and whose, they are.


This is a lifelong learning. Who, and whose, we are.


I need reminding. Every day.

Sometimes I need reminding so that I don’t leave my work for someone else to be burdened with; the equivalent of remembering to put my backpack away. Sometimes I need reminding so that I slow down and take care of my body and soul as it needs care; the grown-up version of the preschool potty break. And sometimes I need reminding so that I treat my neighbors the way that my Parent has taught me, and expects me to.


That’s why I am thankful for all of you, my church family. Being with you, hearing the sermons, sharing the Bible studies, working on the mission projects, serving one another, you remind me of who, and whose, we each are.


As we continue the journey toward Jesus’ week in Jerusalem, entering the gates with the fanfare of Palm Sunday, exiting the city with the humility of the burden of the cross, let us remember who and whose we are. Let us be moved to make choices each day to love fully, to forgive freely, and to give generously, in the way our Parent taught us, and expects of us.


Blessings for the journey,

Brigit Stevens, Associate Conference Minister


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