Blizzard Blessing


I’m sitting at my desk getting this article done as I’m making my plans to pack up early and head home to work from my dining room table for the rest of the day because of the BLIZZARD on its way!
Will this winter ever end??


I’ve been here before. 
Will it ever end?
When will it get better?


I’m not the only one who has visited this wilderness.
I hear the echoes of their voices around me.
Their wilderness was desert heat, mine is frozen tundra, but we wander just the same.
Why did you bring us here, just to starve and die?
Where is the light?  Where is the life? 


I am craving Spring.
I am aching for the smell of wet, wormy, rich, soil, ready for planting and new growth.
My closet is ready for some elbow room, with rain slickers instead of parkas on the hangers.
My soul is counting each extra minute of daylight and remembering the promises.


Oh the promises!
Stretching, growing, reaching, life!
Air cleansed by fresh rains.
Birds and beasts returning to their three-season homes.
Water released from the captivity of ice, flowing freely and joyfully.
Oh the promises!


Until then.
I’ll grumble. 
I’ll gnash my teeth.
I’ll be in good company.
And I’ll be blessed by the frozen wilderness, in spite of myself.



Rev. Brigit F. Stevens
Associate Conference Minister

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