Enjoy your hammock time

Dear friends around the Iowa Conference,

There is no member of the conference staff who works any harder, and gives of herself more generously than does ACM Jonna Jensen.  Jonna is a remarkable asset to the churches and leaders of the Iowa Conference!  I’m sure the conference has NEVER made a better hire! 

Jonna has just marked the completion of her 5th year as a member of our staff and has richly earned the sabbatical she will begin on Friday, December 20th.

What does this mean for churches, clergy and lay leaders who would ordinarily turn to Jonna for resources and support?  Well, it means we’ll be stretched for a time, but assuredly you will not be left “high and dry.”  ACM Brigit Stevens and I, as well as our support staff and adjunct staff members intend to work diligently to provide essential services and support during Jonna’s absence. 

To whom should you turn for support during the first three months of 2014? 

If your congregation is in pastoral search, you will buy aciclovir 200mg tablets soon be contacted by either Brigit Stevens or me.  We have divided up the searching congregations and will do our best to provide helpful and responsive support for these next few months.  Don’t hesitate to be in touch with us!

What about general issues which might arise in either the Eastern Iowa or Northeast Associations?  Please email or call the conference office (iowaconf@ucciaconf.org or 515-277-6369) and explain your need.  Someone will be in touch with you just as soon as practical.

Even during times when we are fully staffed, our workload can be daunting.  Obviously the absence of someone like Jonna will noticeably impact our capacity to respond.  Still, we covenant to do our best.  Your patience and understanding will be a gift.

Jonna will return to work on April 1, 2014 (no fooling!!).  For Jonna’s sake, I hope the next three months seem an eternity, but I know that I’m hoping the winter passes in a blink!

Thanks, Jonna!  Enjoy your hammock time!

Rich Pleva
Conference Minister

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