This Saturday!  First Congregational UCC in Ames, Iowa!
Our Conference Annual Meeting!!
11am-12pm Worship, 12-1pm Lunch, 1-3pm Business, prayer, and communion

Maybe I’m kind of a church nerd, but I look forward to these events, and I am REALLY hoping that you do too!  Mostly, I’m hoping that you will be there!

My family and I are new to the Iowa Conference UCC and we are excited to celebrate officially this weekend with all of you as we celebrate as a church my installation into the ministry position of Associate Conference Minister here in Iowa.  AND…we will celebrate BEing the church together!  It’s a party when we gather!  Yes, yes, there is work to be done.  But that work is work that is for and in and on behalf of the church, God’s church, and that is joyful work!  We will sing together!  We will pray together!  We will talk together!  We will work together!  We will commune together!  We will see how God has been at work in our midst and will ask for the Holy Spirit’s direction and guidance on where God will lead us to next. 

We will have a great crowd…over 150 of us are already registered…and there is always room for more at the table!  Clear your schedule, bring the kids (FREE CHILDCARE and LUNCH for the kids) and come to the party!  See you Saturday!

—Brigit Stevens
Associate Conference Minister

4 Responses to YOU’RE INVITED!!

  1. Sharon Elling says:

    I found recently that I can attend as an alternate delegate so I am filling out a registration form now–seems I am not too late. My church, Immanuel UCC of Latimer, has included me when sending the registration fee, I believe. If not, I will take care of it myself. Blessings as you prepare for this event.

  2. Marie Paterik says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating wiith you.

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