Leadership in Iowa Conference

When your congregation faces an important and difficult challenge, to whom do you turn?  Probably your best, brightest and most faithfully committed members!

The ministry of shaping our common work as a community of congregations – this thing we call the Iowa Conference – is entrusted first and foremost to our Board of Directors.  In a day when all the older ways of being church together are working less well and being called into question, it is imperative that the people who envision our common future, who evaluate that which we currently do, who make the case for financial support of this work – be among our brightest and best. 

The conference Nominating Committee is currently working to identify persons who should join our Board of Directors and become a part of this ongoing task of planning, evaluating and building financial support.  There may be someone in your church who would be an asset in this work – someone who cares deeply about the welfare of churches like those in the United Church of Christ and can think creativity about the future, and who works well together in a team context.  If on top of it all, this person loves Jesus deeply, they might be an asset for the ongoing life and vitality of the Iowa Conference.  Recommendations of such people would be greatly appreciated.  There are several vacancies to be filled at the October meeting of the conference.  The committee will be especially grateful to receive your recommendations for Assistant Moderator – a position that will be filled by a lay female.

You can forward those suggestions to the conference office (mallory@ucciaconf.org), or to any member of the Nominating Committee:

            Marjorie Groves – marjoriegroves@hotmail.com
            Lynette Spicer – lynette.spicer@gmail.com
            Sharon Guffey Lewis – sguffeylewis@gmail.com
            Pat Mundell – pmundell@machlink.com
            John Riessen – riessen.rojo@mchsi.com
            Rich Pleva – rich@ucciaconf.org

In addition, the Nominating Committee will also present names for election to the General Synod delegation class of 2017 (to attend Synod in 2015 in Cleveland, and in 2017 at a location not yet determined).  We work hard to create a diverse delegation of men and women, clergy and lay, younger and older (names of individuals under the age of 30 are especially needed), and members of ethnic and other minority groups.  The delegation is strongest if it is made up of people with varying theological and social perspectives.  Do not hesitate to nominate yourself, but recognize that not all persons suggested will be nominated.

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