Transforming Thoughts: Finding the “Through-line”

One of the best lessons I’ve ever learned came from a mountain biking class I took years ago. When we were taught how to get through rough trails we were told to look for the “through-line” rather than stare at an obstacle. The basic principle is this: if you look at the rock or tree or whatever obstacle, you’ll hit it. If you look for the opening in the trail, you’ll steer your tires in that direction.

I think this applies to what we do as leaders. All of us limit buy cheap cialis ourselves with assumptions about ourselves, the situations we are in and the people around us. Perhaps we don’t believe that people can really change. Perhaps we don’t believe that we are adequate to lead through a particularly difficult situation. Perhaps we have given up hope that there are more options than what’s already been tried in the past.

Where are the “through-lines” that will help you get through your limiting beliefs?

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