Transforming Thoughts: Learning Leaders

One of the things I love about the yoga studio I attend is that the teachers are often practicing along with students. When they are not teaching a class (and even sometimes when they are), they humbly take the mat next to you and sweat and grunt alongside you.

All of us are at once teacher and student. I think the best leaders among us embody this learning spirit. We take classes, we practice alongside our own students and allow ourselves to be supported and challenged by the learning community. This transforms our teaching, our leadership and our lives. We probably lead more by that example than we do when we are teaching a class, preaching a sermon, or organizing an event.

What if your congregation looked more like my yoga studio? The lifelong member would sit in Bible study next to a visitor, learning from each others’ perspective? Children or teenagers would lead Sunday school classes for those who are younger or even for adults. Each person would have relationships with mentors and people in small groups who nurture and challenge each other to grow in faith. Pastors would take a back seat in leading worship so that others can share their faith story.

How do you embody learning leadership? How does your church encourage lifelong learning among ALL people?

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