Transforming Thought: Giving Thanks

I’m always a little surprised and delighted when I get a thank you note in the mail. It’s always nice to hear that someone appreciates what you do, particularly when much of your day seems occupied with criticism of what you are NOT doing or not doing well enough.

I learned that today, May 3, is National Thank a Youth Worker Day!” So, instead of challenging or cajoling you in this weekly post, I’m simply going to thank you.

I am deeply grateful for the work you do on behalf of the church and with buy adipex online with paypal children, youth and families. I am grateful for the long hours and countless weekends you give up to do this work. I am grateful for the ways in which you compassionately counsel a young person or family during difficult times. I am grateful for the ways in which you creatively form the faith of the people in your congregation. I am grateful for the ways in which you include young people in the life of the church.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It cannot be said enough.

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