Transforming Thought: Permission to Fail

The events of Holy Week must have really felt like a failure to the first disciples. They had invested three years of their lives in learning this new message of love and hope, only to have those hopes crushed in a flurry of political opposition, betrayal and desertion.

Jesus himself says, “My God, My God, Why Have you Forsaken Me?” while dying on the cross. This is not a glorified and victorious scene at all. It seems like utter failure.

We can all recall times when we’ve failed. When that happens, we feel shame and disappointment in ourselves and others. We then tend to avoid those bad feelings by eliminating any risk that might result in failure again. The downside to avoiding risk and failure is that we reduce the opportunities we have to grow from learning from these failures. We actually need failure to learn how to start anew, using the wisdom we’ve gained from the former failure. After all, the resurrection only came after the crucifixion. This process is imbedded in our Christian life.

If you gave yourself permission to fail, what new risks would you take? How would you learn from failure to resurrect your church and ministry?

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter season!

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