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I’ve made some major changes to my diet in recent months. The largest change is that I’ve given up most processed grains, which means no bread or pasta. At first this seemed like a supreme sacrifice, even torture. The longer I did it, however; the easier the new habit became.

One of the only exceptions I make to the “no bread” rule is when I celebrate communion. About once a month, I tear a piece of the forbidden bread off the loaf and dip it into the juice and savor it. That piece of bread becomes the best bread I’ve ever had.

Sharing this sacred meal together should always be the sweetest, most luscious thing we do. What if communion (or any of our worship, for that matter) was the absolute best thing we’ve eaten or experienced that month? What if we were buy lipitor in canada wiggling in our seats with anticipation for the next time we get to come back to the table?

For most of us, this would raise the bar quite a bit. Too often we settle for “good enough” or “what we’ve always done” rather than really making the experience of church blow people away.

I challenge you to think about what extraordinary thing you could relish in your worship experience. What would make that one hour a week the most remarkable experience, not only for you, but for the people walking in the door for the first time. What creative practice could you adopt that brings Christ to life? What would make our common communion table the tastiest, sweetest, most delectable feast you and your church family have ever eaten?

Nicole Havelka, Associate Conference Minister for Youth and Young Adult Ministries

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