Called to Lead: Leading Change

What does leadership have to do with hosting a youth group or a Sunday school class, you might ask? Everything. I often hear the wonderful ideas church volunteers and staff have for adapting their programming to current realities and needs of children, youth and families. There are lots of new ideas. Implementing that change is the real challenge. That’s where leadership comes in.

In our Called to Lead group meetings, we’ve been discussing Chapter 3 of John Roberto’s lexapro generic ivax book, Faith Formation 2020, which outlines six leadership “competencies”: Becoming adaptive, innovative, “blue ocean”, culturally intelligent and a curator of content leader. These competencies are all drawn from writers and thinkers who teach business and government leaders; but, they are also applicable to the ministries we do in our churches.

What leadership competencies could you develop more of in yourself or on your team? What challenges have you encountered when trying to lead change in your church?

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