Welcome to our Communications Specialist

We are pleased to welcome Aidan Spencer to the TCM staff as our new Communications Specialist. Aidan’s work with the UCC includes communicating the happenings and mission of the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences through event publicity, newsletter distribution, media production, and social media management. Her biggest task this Fall is creating the new websites for the Conferences.

Aidan hails from the small town of Decorah, IA and has fallen in love with the extravagant welcome and call to justice exhibited by the Decorah UCC where her family has belonged to for several years. She graduated from Luther College in 2018 with a degree in Music and Music Education and her musical interests range from community singing to opera and everywhere in between. While at Luther Aidan worked in the Web Content Bureau, served as the president of Nordic Choir, and produced several documentaries including a feature-length film titled “To This Day: Remembering Nordic Choir’s First International Tour”. With a passion for storytelling and art, Aidan has always been fascinated by how narrative is created and communicated through visual media and aspires to craft stories centered around truth, beauty, justice, and community.

If you have any questions please reach out to Aidan at aidan@ucctcm.org. Aidan is also gathering photos for the new website and if you have high resolution photos of worship or other church activities, please send her an email and she can walk you through how to share them.

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