Grow Your Church with MissionInsite

The Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences are excited provide to our local churches — free of charge — access to the powerful MissionInsite tool which helps your church discover and interpret demographic data that will help you plan new ministries relevant to your community, grow your church based on who your neighbors are, and create strategic and fundraising plans. Churches searching for new pastors will also use this tool to write their local church profile.

Here are some examples of ways your church can use this tool:

  1. Learn what is the current population, household, age and socio-economic lifestyle of people in your immediate geographic area.
  2. Compare your current members’ lifestyle to the demographics of households in your area of ministry.
  3. Learn what people are thinking about religious issues from a survey conducted in late 2017 and released in 2018.
  4. Learn what the financial strength is of your member households without any survey of your members.  
  5. Utilize additional features in the study and receive ongoing support from the MissionInsite team.

We want you to utilize this tool to help your church grow effective ministries. Learn more about how to get started.

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