Tell Your Story of Being “Better Together”

microphone in a spotlightThink of a time when you got a warm welcome — maybe especially from someone you didn’t expect to extend it, or at a time when you didn’t think you “deserved” it. Or maybe you’ve got a story of gritting your teeth and making a place at the table (literally or metaphorically) for someone for whom, let’s be honest, you really didn’t want to: your boss, your kid’s girlfriend, the family member you were fighting with, the weird neighbor your spouse invited.

When we “Come Together” as Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences for the first time at our Joint Annual Meeting, we are going to be telling stories of receiving and being received, of hospitality given or withheld, both begrudging (“oh, for God’s sake!”) and loving (in the name of Christ) and the often surprising community we find when we do. (Similar to The Moth Radio Hour.)

Are you willing to step behind the microphone and tell one of your stories at the Joint Annual Meeting during our Saturday night banquet? The commitment includes prep ahead of time with our facilitator for the night, Rev. Lindsey Braun. She will help you craft your story for greatest impact. We’d love to have your voice in the mix!

If you’re interested, please email her by May 22 with 2-3 sentences about your true, first-person story that answer these two questions: What happens? What’s at stake?

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