Get Your UCC Cycling Jerseys!

UCC Cycling Jerseys Mock upCycle with style and conviction with the new UCC cycling jersey! The Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences  teamed up with Primal to create custom jerseys that will turn a few heads and spark conversation. Jerseys are in the Sport Cut Series: which Primal divides into Men’s and Women’s cut. You will need to choose which style works best for you.
Cost: $80
Order Deadline: May 1
To order: Visit our “Individual Donation” page. Scroll to the bottom, and in the section titled “Miscellaneous Iowa Conference Programs” enter the amount ($80 x number of shirts desired). In the text field, specify “Cycling Jersey,” indicate what cut, and the size you want. For example, you might enter “Cycling Jersey, women’s cut, size medium.”
Questions? Email Rev. Ellis Arnold

4 Responses to Get Your UCC Cycling Jerseys!

  1. Deborah Kaiser-Cross says:

    If you do this again, I would love to get a jersey. I am UCC clergy and just heard about them from our FL Conference Minister. I rode RAGBRAI 2015 and would love to have a jersey.

  2. Don Hendrickson says:

    I am a Pennsylvania UCC members. I just learned of the jersey from a friend. I am disappointed that they are no longer available. Will they be again?

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