Recruit South Dakota Youth Delegates NOW!

Send a Youth Delegate to the South Dakota Annual Meeting and get an additional delegate for your church. In 2018, the delegates of the South Dakota Annual Meeting passed a resolution to amend the conference bylaws encouraging youth attendance at its annual meeting. The bylaw states:

“Each local church which is a member in good standing in an Association of the Conference, shall be entitled to voting representation. Each such church shall be entitled to representation by two lay delegates, and by an additional lay delegate for each one hundred members or major fraction thereof, in excess of the first one hundred of its membership. Any church which elects a lay delegate 21 years old or younger shall be granted one additional lay delegate.  The current Yearbook statistics shall be the basis for computing the number of delegates.  All delegates shall be members of the churches they represent.  Each such delegate shall have one vote in all meetings. Each local church shall determine the term of office of its delegates.” (ARTICLE II, Section 1)

Now is the time to recruit and register your youth delegate (21 years old or younger) to attend the joint annual meeting of the Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota conferences, which will include a separate South Dakota business meeting.

June 14, 3 p.m. – June 16, 10:30 a.m.
Tri-Faith Initiative, Omaha, NE
Cost: $135 (includes Friday reception & dinner, Friday Awards Luncheon and Saturday Banquet)

See you there!

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