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The Tri-Conference Ministries staff is now making it easier for you to find the United Church of Christ information that you need most!

Starting in February we bring new focus to our weekly emails:

eNews email (First Tuesdays) includes  a staff blog post and information about conference programs, conference boards, and national UCC happenings that will keep you in the know.

Gatherings email (Second and Fourth Tuesdays) includes upcoming local, regional and national events.

Inspiring Ministry email (Fourth Tuesdays) includes a local ministry feature story plus denominational and other curated resources around a different topic each month.

Fifth Tuesdays: Our staff will take the week for planning and preparation.

In addition to these regular emails, we will also send up to three emails at other times each month that promote special programs or events or share information on special topics of interest. The topics of those emails will be determined approximately a month in advance unless there is an immediate need for communication.

“Our hope with this new schedule is that it will give our churches and partner ministries better information that’s easier to find,” said Rev. Nicole Havelka, Director of Communications for the Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences UCC. “These emails are just one way we use to connect you to events, resources and news that inspire your ministries.”

Please share your news and events with us at least four to six weeks in advance so we can plan and prepare to share it in the right emails, on our website and on Facebook. Like our Facebook pages — Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota — where events and news are also shared. Help us spread the information by sharing our posts on your church, ministry or personal pages and groups!

Questions or Comments? Please contact Rev. Nicole Havelka, Director of Communications.

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