Who Do I Contact?

This is a frequent (and understandable) question we’ve heard from pastors and leaders in local churches and partner ministries who are seeking assistance from a staff member. Though we have now hired the majority of our staff, many of them will not be in place until early in 2019. We do have outstanding transition staff in place who can help until then.

  • For searching churches and pastors in Nebraska and South Dakota, contact Karen Peters (karen@ucctcm.org), Sioux Falls Office, (605) 338-8738
  • For searching churches and pastors in Iowa, data for all churches, pastors and committees on ministry, contact Diane Leggett (diane@ucctcm.org), Des Moines Office, (515) 277-6369
  • For accounts payable, support for boards of directors, event planning, assistance for ECM Brigit Stevens, contact Jo Ordway (jo@ucctcm.org), Des Moines Office, (515) 277-6369
  • Sharing Events or News: Nicole Havelka, director of communications, nicole@ucctcm.org

We are grateful for your patience and grace in this time of transition.

The Tri-Conference Ministries is a collaborative enterprise to creatively and efficiently share staff among the Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota conferences of the United Church of Christ.

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