Who do you choose to be?

For the next few weeks I am on sabbatical. It’s hard for me to be on sabbatical. There’s a lot to be done! Sabbath is hard for me. Resting, slowing down, being less than productive, is hard for me.


I am taking this time to savor a new book, and I recommend it to you, “Who Do We Choose To Be?” by Margaret Wheatley. It is a book about leadership in this current day and age. It is a book about the hard realities of the culture we live in. It’s also a book about hope and clarity.


It doesn’t offer many answers. But it asks really really good questions. Brigit FB profileAnd I believe, as does the author, that hope lives in curiosity and a willingness to engage the questions.


Here are a few of her questions from the section about assessing the current climate of your organization:

“If you were to create a trend line from a few years ago to now and a few years ahead, how are people relating to each other? Has trust increased or declined? Are people more self protective or less so? Are they more willing to be there for one another, to go the extra mile, or not? What’s your evidence for any of your conclusions?”


When we stop to ask questions, and really wonder with a purity of curiosity and not a predetermined judgment, we are open to surprises from the Holy.


One of Jesus’ more charming, or exasperating, qualities, depending on which side of the conversation you were on, was his response to questions with more questions. Being open to wonder, listening deeply, and questioning our presumptions leads us to sacred truths.


I am loving this book and its questions! What a gift to have the time to sit and read it slowly during this sabbatical time.


(I also promised my spiritual director that I’d read something light and just for fun during this time too! Suggestions welcome!)


May the reminder of your summer surprise you with opportunities for wonder and curiosity!


Blessings for the journey,


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