Meet: Flat Jesus!

Wednesday, June 21st was the longest day of our year, Summer Solstice! The way the sun and the moon and the earth and the stars, and all that are within them, move and cycle are in the hands of our amazing Creator! It is a gift to be invited to this playground of God’s for today. Most days, I can easily forget who and whose I am. I am focused on what needs to be done, what needs to be accomplished, and what needs to be achieved. But in our earliest stories of how we all came into being, we hear of God dwelling in the darkness, swirling the mediums of light and dark, land and sea, and forming all that each of us is, and calling us and all of Creation good. And then God rested. Sabbath was created too. And it was good. It IS good.


In the spirit of playfulness and Sabbath, I invite you to some fun in the coming months! Meet: Flat Jesus!


In the Iowa Conference UCC we proudly proclaim that we are, “Boldly following Jesus!” Well, show us where YOU are following Jesus! Print out the attached link of Flat Jesus, cut him out and take him with you wherever you go. Then, email us at the Iowa Conference office with your pictures and descriptions of where you boldly followed Jesus! We will collect and share the pictures on our brand new website to be unveiled this summer

NOTE: By submitting your photos to us, you acknowledge that they’ll be used on our public website, Facebook page, and other promotional materials. Only send to us pictures of people who consent to this use.


Today, I am celebrating the 7th birthday of my daughter Terra by boldy following Jesus on big yellow school buses with 150+ elementary-aged school children to Adventureland!  Prayers accepted!


Where are you following Jesus today?


Blessings for the journey!

—Brigit Stevens, Associate Conference Minister



2 Responses to Meet: Flat Jesus!

  1. Judy Dolphin says:

    Hi, I am now living in CT but was a member of the Ames UCC for 37 years. I LOVE your Flat Jesus and hope you won’t mind our using it here at the Ledyard Congregational Church (UCC). What a great summer idea for our kids. Thanks for coming up with the idea and image.

    • Brigit Stevens says:

      Of course you may use this idea! I am certainly not the first to propose it and am glad to see it shared where it will be enjoyed!

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