Avoiding Easter Clearance

So, the Easter treats are marked for clearance. The stores which keep calendars for us have turned the page, clearing Easter and making room for graduations, gardens, barbecues, and the 4th of July.  We find in these savoring days of Eastertide another blessed opportunity for the bold followers of Jesus to swim against the current.

Easter lasts. Easter abides.  The days of Eastertide stretch into early June this year.  Yet even when the Church has turned the page on jonna recharge prayer flipped-resizedEaster for Pentecost and Ordinary Time, Easter abides.  We worship on Sundays, the first days of new weeks, because Sunday is the day of resurrection.  Each Sunday is, and is meant to be, another Easter.

Folk showed up last Sunday, didn’t they? Folk do show up for Easter.  I suppose some of this is still a family-getting-together thing.  And some of this showing up may be led by special music or programs or celebrations for children (“and a little child shall lead them”).  Thank you to each of you who had a part of welcoming the children and letting them lead us last Sunday!  But.  I don’t know, but I believe, that among the folk who showed up last Sunday there were at least a tender handful who came because they knew the Church is up to something on Easter.

They came wondering about that something we are called to be up to. They came hungry for it.  They pulled in on a long walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  They came for a light.  They came to breathe in the scent of joy and lilies and life.  Their Sunday news feed brought word of missiles and they came looking for some news of hope.  And, even, purpose.

Bold followers of Jesus, if you have a way to contact the folk who showed up last Sunday, please do send them love notes. We may well not see these folk again for a long stretch, but we are called to sing to them that Easter lasts.  And we are called to open our doors wide for weekly Easters.  We are called to offer worship that welcomes wonderers and feeds hungers.  We are called to proclaim the Easter gospel in all its fearing and rejoicing, doubting and believing, hiding and seeking.  We are called to offer worship that shines light in valleys of deepest darkness.  We are called to sing and dance and proclaim the life, hope, and purpose we experience in boldly following Jesus.

Avoiding at all cost the clearance of Easter…

Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister


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