Our Common Life…

The Holy Spirit was doing some moving and shaking this weekend.

I and colleagues from Vibrant Faith Ministries and the Minnesota Conference UCC hosted a retreat for the 13 youth leaders and Christian educators who made up our inaugural Certification School in Progressive Christian Youth Ministry. Having already completed a week-long training and six additional webinars, these leaders presented their “ministry plans” for their particular church context.

Like waves rippling on previously still water, these plans shaped youth fellowship gatherings, retreats, lock-ins and Sunday school classes into tools of genuine faith formation. These leaders, formed into close friends and supportive colleagues through their time together, offered insightful feedback, turning the rippling water into full-fledged waves on the sand.

There may not have physically been children, youth and families in that room, but their presence was palatable. The 13 people in that room, along with their stellar plans for inspiring vibrant faith in their congregations, will reach hundreds, possibly thousands of people, in congregations throughout Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois.

The Holy Spirit was spreading the Gospel in that room. Can you recall times when you’ve witnessed your ministries “radiating” like this? Have you had moments when you could see the “rippling waves?”

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