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Jennifer Harvey


A Day for Sharpening – PRO2717

“Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens the wits of another.”



Professor of Religion at Drake Jennifer Harvey, is leading a day long event for Iowa Conference!   Her recent book “Dear White Christians:  For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation” is the base for the event.  This book is not a comfortable read for many of us.  But it’s important.  Come and see that our collaborative sins of “we” as white Christians don’t just stretch across zip codes.  Our collaborative sins of “we” as white Christians stretch back through time, from generation to generation.  We both inherit and perpetuate not only sins of racial injustice but the suffering and devastation that flow from the first days of slavery in America to now in Iowa in 2016.  We both inherit and perpetuate the sins of white privilege in America.


Professor Harvey takes up the voice of a prophet, summoning us to act on a call to penance, to amend life, to make reparation for the sins of racial injustice.  The suffering and devastation of racism is ours now to repair.


More details on registration – click here if you are an Iowa UCC!  Click here if you are a non-UCC and/or outside Iowa!  (HINT…Iowa Conference UCC Annual Meeting is on October 22, so you can have a 2-day excursion to Des Moines.  More info on the registration for both Jennifer Harvey and/or Annual Meeting is within Iowa UCC linked above.  Be sure to mark both October 21 and October 22 on your calendar!)


Would you like information to share at your local church and/or with other ecumenical partners around your area?   Click here for a PDF of the Jennifer Harvey event.  And if you are a local church, click here for a PDF of the Annual Meeting information.

(A link for Resources for White Privilege: https://vimeopro.com/progressrenew/white-privilege-lets-talk?inf_contact_key=34aa0dfd0c7ca05f9b63010375d5d05a139ed1ae643d42d165b2f10a28dd48cf)